On Your First Birthday

Dear Rowan,

We can’t believe a year has come and gone since you came into our lives. We waited so, so long to meet you…long before you were even created. And your birth story (60-some hours in labor) fits you perfectly, because what’s an extra few days of suspense, right?! You are the definition of “worth the wait” and it’s so clear to us now that we were meant to meet you. God truly has the best plan, and we’re so grateful that He made you for us. 

Getting to know you and your funny little personality has been our greatest joy. From the very start you’ve been the happiest and most active boy! You lifted your head up at only nine days old and rolled from your tummy to back at just three weeks. By one month you were smiling and cooing at us constantly, setting our hearts a flutter every single time. Your first word was mama at eight months, and let me tell how much that rocked my world! There’s absolutely no feeling like hearing you call my name. You also love to say dada, up, (ba)nana, and bubb-ohs (bubbles). 

Your favorite things include:

  • Sleeping through the night (started at thirteen weeks)
  • Your best bud/stuffed bunny, “Mimi”
  • Eating solids (started at five months)
  • Smiling huge when we say “cheese”
  • Bath time
  • Petting Rocky
  • Clapping (usually in celebration of something you did)
  • Waving goodbye
  • Playing with bubbles
  • Walking (started at ten months)
  • Playing with a puzzle box where you put different shapes into holes (this reaaaaally made us proud!)

Your Uncle Matt has given you the nickname Cheddar (as in, cheddar cheese) and it couldn’t be more fitting. Your enthusiastic smile shines so brightly and makes everyone around you smile just as big. And your laugh. My gosh, your laugh is infectious and I find myself watching videos of you laughing on a regular basis. Unfortunately for you, you’re extremely ticklish and your dad isn’t shy about taking advantage of that :) 

We are so excited for the coming year to see what new tricks you come up with! We love you so much, Rowan. Stay as sweet and happy as you are now.

xx Mama & Dada

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  1. …rocking Mamita’s world (≚ᄌ≚)ℒℴѵℯ❤ our own dose of sunshine! (✿ ♥‿♥)

  2. Oh gosh! This is really a brilliant idea. Rowan will surely love reading this. I love his baby photos. Thumbs up? to Mama Nikki & Dada Ryan❤️ Love u guys to the moon and back?

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