Cinnamon Belgian Waffles

Long before I started this food blog, I’ve always been the “cook” between my husband and I. The exceptions to that rule are: 1. all matters of the grill; and 2. breakfast. His breakfast skills are legendary (seriously, ask any of our friends and family) and that includes his famous Belgian Waffles. He’s done different variations including classic and blueberry, but I think these Cinnamon Belgian Waffles are my absolute favorite. Even my Belgian brother-in-law gives these a thumbs up ;)

I recently shared the recipe exclusively with We Got Food Covered and absolutely had to share it here with you all too! It’s so simple, but so special! Go ahead and make them this weekend for the family – you may never go back to regular old waffles :) 


Belgian pearl sugar is EVERYTHING and a non-negotiable for this recipe. We order it from Amazon:

And for toppings: 

How to make it

Check out the exclusive recipe on We Got Food Covered here!

Spice up your usual waffle breakfast with these insanely easy and delicious Cinnamon Belgian Waffles! The secret's in the Belgian pearl sugar!

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  1. These waffles are so mouthwatering. I love waffles that are thick and crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. The toppings are a great addition to make a hearty and filling breakfast.

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