Cinnamon S’more Waffle Sandwich

I’ve talked about my love for all things S’mores before, and today’s recipe brings it to a whole new level! Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce my Cinnamon S’more Waffle Sandwich!!!

The idea for this sweet treat came to me on a Sunday morning when the hubs made one of his signature breakfast dishes – Cinnamon Rolls cooked in a waffle iron. Let me tell you, that discovery was mind-blowing and he’s been doing this for years. But on this particular Sunday, we happened to have the ingredients for s’mores in the pantry, and I thought, could that work? It might be messy, but how could it be bad?

Well, I’m happy to report the experiment was a success and we now have a new favorite dessert at our house :) All you need is 3 ingredients and 10 minutes, and you’ll have a plateful of gooey deliciousness that will disappear faster than you can make them. 



How to make it

Check out the recipe, another exclusive for We Got Food Covered!

RECIPE: Cinnamon S’more Waffle Sandwich



Cinnamon S'more Waffle Sandwiches take dessert to a whole new level! All while being fast and easy!

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