Pumpkin Veggie Muffins

“Well, well, well…..look who it is!” Nice to see you again. It’s me, Nikki. I know it’s been a while….a solid eighteen months since my last blog post, to be exact. How do I know it’s been that long? Well, because I have an eighteen month old toddler, and he sort of takes up allRead more

On Your First Birthday

Dear Rowan, We can’t believe a year has come and gone since you came into our lives. We waited so, so long to meet you…long before you were even created. And your birth story (60-some hours in labor) fits you perfectly, because what’s an extra few days of suspense, right?! You are the definition ofRead more

Creamy Lemon and Chicken Pasta

Summertime always makes me think of lemons for some reason. I love them year round, but the bright color and freshness is the perfect ingredient to add to any meal to keep it light and refreshing. Even when that meal includes pasta :) In last week’s Easy Sticky Buns recipe I shared that I’m expectingRead more